Thursday, 4 August 2011

Where did Shelley go?

Last night was very eventful and tragic because one of Oscars baby turtles went missing! Ozzy was really upset as 'Shelley' was nowhere in the house! Anyway today started with some early appointments and a Starbucks. In the afternoon, we went to one of our properties 'Vista Del Porto' that we are renting on the Chania harbour front, to check in a client! He was extremely excited and thrilled with the views of the sea and the interior. For more information on this apartment, visit:  where there is a range of properties that can be rented, including Villa Dionysia! Later on, we are also going to check another client into one of our other houses, so we are busy, busy, busy! Just off for some lunch in the Palace with Andreas and the kids, the salads there are delicious! Hope everyone has a lovely day Den x

Kitchen of Vista Del Porto
stunning views of the harbour

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