Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Fire in Chania!!!

Today the morning started slow...I had a quick sunbathe on the terrace, before Andreas came and dragged me into work and my new PA (my 9 year old son) Oscar. He was really helpful and loved learning about running Cretan Life, he now wants shares in the busineess and to become the MD haha!

Half way through the morning I got a phone call from the kids at home. 'Mum, have you heard about the fire?' They were sunbathing on the roof, when a massive black cloud came over them! Suddenly, there was screaming and shouting coming from around the Turkish quarter! The top of a house was on fire, and smoke was blowing everywhere! The streets of Chania soon crowded, to find out what was happening! The kids said that the fire was quite big, but the fire men were very quick at putting it out! I'm just eating a yummy ice-cream from the shop next door! Love Den x

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